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I am an Art Director and Digital Artist with expertise in Motion Graphics, 3D Animation, Print Design & Production. I love being at the forefront of the digital art world. I enjoy, even more, pushing the boundaries of the work I do commercially and the work I do personally. Formerly an Art Director at First Person, I’m now available for freelance and contract work.

The day my father booted up our Apple LCIII, I was forever hooked. From that day on, I was always trying to pull out all the stops to create some wild eye catching projects. In 2001, I moved to San Francisco to study new media & design at the Academy of Art College. Since 2004, I’ve worked in print production, web production, digital media management, print design, 2D motion graphics and 3D animation.

In my spare time, I’m expanding my mind and skill-sets by trying new techniques or exploring different mediums. I love mixing pencil & paper, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and Cinema 4D into composite designs.

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